OUr services

Curriculum Development
The client is the expert in the material. Cedar Street Consulting will work with the client to develop a detailed course outline that will take into the account the material to be delivered, the temporal limitations of the training, and the specific needs of the client.
Slide Design
Cedar Street Consulting will work with the client and any outside vendor specializing in slide design to help come up with a unique look that complements any other branding efforts. Cedar Street Consulting will review and update every slide to review spelling and update design elements, if necessary.
Supplementary Material Preparation
Cedar Street Consulting is skilled in developing the supplementary materials for online learning, such as workbooks, course/module review documents, and pages that are intended to be delivered in-class. This supplemental material will be developed with existing branding in mind (where possible).
Final Course Delivery
A representative from Cedar Street Consulting can be available during course delivery to monitor the proceedings and to make updates to the slides as the course progresses and to distribute supplementary material (if not being handled in another way).